Raw Material receives #35 in Double J's 50 Best Albums of 2017!

NUMBER 35. Lance Ferguson – Raw Material

Music obsessive, workaholic, maverick. These are all true of Lance Ferguson. But his first album under his own name demonstrates just how inadequate these descriptions are of The Bamboos leader.

The intricacies of this album’s making are mindboggling. Ferguson made 12 songs, pressed them onto vinyl, sent them to producers he admired and asked them to sample, rework and reimagine the tracks into new songs. The scope of the concept, the passion for collaboration and vinyl is evident and slightly staggering.

But it never gets heavy handed. Crisp, clean melodic lines pervade throughout. The huge community of musical cohorts he’s drawn upon for this record give you the sense of the esteem in which he’s rightly held but also, they give Raw Material an undeniable warmth and allure that delivers in abundance. – Caz Tran

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