Broke Raw Material Megamix Video

Sorry, but it wasn’t enough to have the honour of 2015 Australian DMC champ Broke create a turntablist megamix made for the ‘Additional Material’ EP, made up of tracks from the ‘Raw Material’ album. We needed everybody to see this man in action. So we are crazy proud to present the ‘Raw Material Broke’s Broke It Megamix video’. And this is no recreation of what Broke did on the EP - this is a WHOLE NEW ROUTINE. You have to see this to believe it. Watch it here.

Some words from the great man:
“It was an honour to be invited to work with such a prolific talent as Lance. I loved the idea behind Raw Material, so it was great to be able to explore the concept by taking the whole process a step further. For the mega-mix, the remixes and originals were broken down into stems and arranged in layers, so that everything could be reconstructed by scratching, juggling and mixing it together using turntables and a mixer. For the video, I wanted to make something that went against the grain of so many rock star DJ videos you see these days. I wanted it to be less about the DJ and more about the music and the technique. Matt Smolen did an amazing job filming and putting the whole thing together. 

Broke aka Uncle Leo”